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Stuff Mike Wrote

Short Stories

"Old Soldier" - A Fickle Finger of Fiction exclusive! A sci-fi story of a former soldier fighting aliens.

"The Fortune" - A Fickle Finger of Fiction exclusive! Andre Collins consults a fortune teller about where he should play football.


"Pilots of Convenience"- A Fickle Finger of Fiction exclusive! An aviation espionage thriller!

Part 1! - Reworked and relaunched!


"The Human Quest" (Written in 2002, unpublished) - Currently in revision

"Seers" (Working title, 2009, unpublished) - Currently in revision


"A Comparative Study and Estimation of the Life-Cycle Cost Impact of Application of Real-Time Non-Intrusive (RTNI) Monitoring Technology to Real-Time Embedded Systems" - Air Force Institute of Technology/United States Air Force Joint Advanced Strike Technology (JAST) Program, 1997.

"Cost impacts of real-time non-intrusive (RTNI) monitoring technology to real-time embedded systems" - Digital Avionics Systems Conference, 1998. Proceedings., 17th DASC. The AIAA/IEEE/SAE Volume 1, Issue , 31 Oct-7 Nov 1998 Page(s):A31 - 1-8 vol.1

"Y1K" and "Y2K" - Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comments RFC2550 (Y10K and Beyond), 1 April 1999

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Development Guide 3.0, 2010 (In progress)

"Perspectives: Mike Lewis, Electrical Engineer." JetCareers.com (2005)