Welcome to my site!

This is the website of fiction author, Michael D. Lewis.

If you are looking for the author of Liar's Poker, The Blind Side, or The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine - or a dozen other fantastic financial non-fiction works, that is the non-fiction author Michael Lewis. I'm not him. Hey, I wish I was - it would make my job a LOT easier. I'd post a link for his page, but he doesn't have one. But hey, you've made it here; take a look around and see if you like what you see.

I write an eclectic mix of fiction - science fiction, urban fantasy, romance/erotica, mystery, thriller, and plain old made-up stories of people making their way in the world. You name it, I'll dabble in it. That's where the "fickle finger" comes from; aside to being an homage to Laugh-In, my tastes in fiction are across the board. With one of my stories, you never know what you'll find.

With that, welcome to my site!

Latest Updates

3/10 - A new blog post: Status Updates. Where's my novel(s), what the heck happened to the site, and what have I been up to? Good questions!

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