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Mike's Bio

I'm all about ideas. I sit around constantly wondering, "What if?" It's what I do. It's what drives me.

As an engineer, I've turned that "What if?" into a rewarding career of making ideas into reality. But there are only so many "What if?" ideas that I can turn into reality; the technology and science aren't there yet.

But that's where fiction comes in. What if we could see the future? In reality, it will probably never happen. But in a world of fiction, I can explore that possibility. And so can you.

My writing has been called "O. Henry meets Rod Serling meets Ernest Hemingway." I'm not quite sure if that is the best description (I'll let you, the reader, be the judge of that), but that fact that all three of those people are incredibly successful and influences of mine, I'll take it.

Some other things that you may not know about me:

I live in Minnesota. I love all things aviation. I'm lost without my iPhone. I used to hate cats but after I got one I love them. I'm a junkie for the Discovery and History Channels. I don't really like chocolate. I'm always learning something new.

Oh, and I love telling stories. And drinking beer. And telling stories over a beer.